Embrace your inner sleep Embrace your inner sleep Embrace your inner sleep

What is the Hillow?

The Hillow is a helmet pillow, designed to provide people with the ability to sleep comfortably anywhere. With a patented cushioning design, the Hillow is the newest addition to the travel pillow family and is a must-have item on any lengthy voyage! It is available in 6 stylish colours and small enough to take with you anywhere.

we're über popular!

"Long trips with the kids, pillows don't quite work for car naps, but the Hillow does!" Carla Duffey

"I go to bed early just to get to my Hillow!" Luke Douglas, Teacher

"I actually love using my Hillow, it looks a little goofy at first but it's fantastic on road trips" Kail Pawson

"I haven't had naps like these since kindergarten" Clay Frenette